10 reasons why you should learn Mandarin

Ever wondered what the secret to success in China is? Here are 10 reasons why learning about Chinese culture and language makes sound business sense.


1. China represents massive opportunity

China is not only Australia’s largest trading partner – it’s soon to be the largest economy in the world. If you can’t communicate effectively in China, you are severely restricting your options in this new and exciting marketplace.


2. Cultural differences can damage relationships

Cultural differences can have a big impact on the success of your business. Businesses that aren’t aware of proper Chinese business practice or don’t understand Chinese etiquette often find themselves in the dark in China.


3. Many Chinese don’t speak English

It is common for senior management in China not to speak English. If you can’t communicate effectively in China yourself, your only option is to use a translator. This is not only time consuming. It’s a barrier to you forming decent, working relationships.


4. Be seen making an effort and you’ll be rewarded for it

To do business in China successfully, you often need to develop relationships with government officials. An appreciation of Chinese business practice and the ability to speak basic Mandarin will help you build bridges with the right people.


5. Eliminate misunderstandings in your own organisation

The trouble with cross-culture communication is that we often think we are on the same page when actually we’re not. When you understand Chinese etiquette and appreciate other communication styles, you can function better as an organisation.


6. Get ahead of the competition

In the competitive world of business, it pays to learn what others refuse to learn. Learn to communicate effectively in China and you’ll have a massive advantage over those that don’t.

7. Reduce time and costs setting up in China

A study by Deakin business school has shown that making more of an effort to understand Chinese etiquette and learn the basics of Chinese business practice reduces lead times and costs associated with establishing local Chinese operations.


8. Improve your cultural experience when on business in China

Having an interpreter around you 24/7 can really get in the way of experiencing China to the full. Even just a few simple phrases – enough to order in a restaurant or book a hotel – can make a huge difference to your visit.


9. Boost your grey matter!

Chinese is a tonal language, and by learning it you create new neural pathways in your brain. Put another way, speaking Chinese can actually improve your mental power – helping you come up with smarter solutions in your everyday life.


10. Learning Chinese really isn’t that difficult

Mandarin Chinese has a set of surprisingly straightforward rules – more straightforward, in fact, than the English language. Using our creative teaching method, you’ll find yourself speaking Chinese in no time at all.


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