A little knowledge goes a long way in China

If you are planning a short trip or business meeting to China, it pays to have a little local knowledge up your sleeve.

Our half day Chinese Language and Culture workshop is a quick and easy way to pick up some essential phrases and cultural dos and don’ts before you go – without even leaving the office. You will learn how to:

  • break the ice – with simple, straightforward Chinese greetings and small talk
  • avoid embarrassing clangers – by learning correct Chinese pronunciations
  • read the ‘signs’ – by picking up on non-verbal communication cues
  • use key Chinese phrases – to help with business negotiations.

We’ll also teach you valuable Chinese culture lessons, such as:

  • what to do when exchanging business cards in China
  • when to shake hands and when to bow
  • how to address people in China correctly
  • the concept of ‘face’
  • the secret of good relationship building and the role of ‘Guan xi’
  • the importance of the Chinese business banquet
  • how and when to exchange gifts
  • our top-ten tips when travelling in China.

How is the program taught?

For our half day workshops, we come to your premises – which means less time away from the office for you. As with all our programs, we do our best to tailor the content to your needs as an individual or business.

If you or your staff speak to people in China on a more regular basis, you might prefer one of our other Chinese Language and Culture programs.

Book your place today!

To start learning valuable Chinese culture lessons and phrases for your trip or business meeting, call us today on Melbourne 0406-8839-30 or email [email protected]