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Vivian has been a great help and a good cultural fit with our business - she has crafted a unique training and development program for the team here at Futuris, and she has made learning fun, informative and relevant to our business needs. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.

David Chuter

Executive Futuris Automotive


Vivian was employed to help me learn more about the Chinese culture and language since our company was doing work in Beijing at the time. Her training materials, her approach to training, and her bubble personality made this difficult task easy and fun. I would recommend her if you need similar support. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative.

Ken Matthews B Eng. GAICD

Managing Director CIO Advisory


Dealing for the first time with Chinese buisness is a very different and challenging experience and so a person such as Vivian is essential. Vivian showed our team of executives what was required at many levels. Frankly I would not operate with Chinese counterparts again without Vivian at our side.

Peter Reeve


Ivanhoe Australia

“I am now living in Shanghai. I couldn’t imagine being here without the corporate Chinese language and cultural skills I learned with Vivian from China Speaks. I recommend taking Chinese lessons to anyone who is doing business with China.”

Jane Dal Castello
Diva National Retail Manager, Shanghai, china.

“Although I’m just beginning, I feel as though I’m well on my way to opening doors, improving my relationships and business outcomes.”

Adam Cruttenden
CEO - ACA International Pty Ltd, International Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


I have just completed 10 weeks of Corporate Chinese Course with Vivian Xi-Smith. My objective was to improve on my limited exposure to corporate Chinese language and culture, gained from various business trips to China over the past couple of years – and that’s exactly what I achieved. The learning environment that Vivian provided was excellent, in that she encouraged interaction and engaged with everybody, and I now feel much more confident listening to and speaking Chinese. I would recommend the course to anybody travelling to China for business or pleasure who wants to maximise their integration with the Chinese people.

David Green, Group Manager, Development & Support, PrintSoft


“At the start of my course I didn’t speak a word of Mandarin. Two months later I was stringing sentences together and feeling confident enough to use my new corporate Chinese language skills on native Mandarin speakers. Vivian’s Chinese lessons are dynamic and engaging – and obviously well prepared. What I found particularly useful was the CD she gave me, summarising the content of each lesson and enabling me to practise at home. The units also included key aspects of Chinese culture using clearly explained and practical examples. Overall, it was a very enjoyable course, and I learned an enormous amount in a very short period of time.”

Ian Moseley, Global Release Manager, PrintSoft


 “As a person who deals with China every day I found Chinese lessons very useful. Even just basic greetings and conversation starters helped me build stronger relationships with my suppliers, especially once they saw I was making an effort to understand their culture. The course also taught me key negotiation phrases and other useful bits of corporate Chinese language – as well as the all-important appropriate reactions. Chinese people are very proud and it is crucial that you understand these factors when doing business with them. Thanks for helping me succeed in my business and making it fun along the way.” 

Kelly Tunbridge
Buyer - Homewares


“I’ve been trying to learn Mandarin for ages – but I find the language difficult to grasp, especially in spoken form. That’s why this course has been a revelation. Instead of using prescribed text books, Vivian and the team at Chinese Language and Culture Training teach corporate Chinese language skills in a practical way – which means you can apply what you learn to everyday corporate situations. Having experienced a number of different Mandarin courses and teachers over the years, I can vouch for Vivian to anyone needing to work in a corporate environment in China. I have benefited immensely from this course, and you will too.”
James Pun, PrintSoft 


 “After living in China for a few years, I decided that I really needed to continue with my Chinese lessons. I now use the skills I learned with Chinese Language & Cultural Training on a daily basis to communicate with my Chinese colleagues and business partners. These really are great classes for both general and corporate Chinese language skills.” 
Anita Forte


“Embarking on the Chinese cultural and language journey has been a fantastic experience.”
Sue Wong