Why learn with us?

We make Chinese easy to learn

We know you’re busy, so we make our Chinese lessons practical. We won’t ask you to memorise complicated written characters or textbook dialogues. With us, you and your staff can learn to speak Chinese (basic Mandarin) in as little as six weeks.

We make our Chinese lessons business-relevant

We teach you and your staff how to use Chinese in real life situations, helping you to remember English word associations, language patterns and structures that are easy to recall when you’re doing business in China.


We help you understand the culture

In China, language and culture go hand in hand – especially in business. Unlike other programs, we not only help you learn to speak Chinese, we teach you business etiquette in China too.


We make learning Chinese come alive!

We use jokes and real life stories in our Chinese lessons to help you remember the Chinese language in a cultural context. We stimulate your learning and challenge you at the same time – to help you achieve better results.

We have highly experienced teachers

It matters to us that you and your staff are motivated and enjoy our programs. That’s why all our teachers are experienced, highly qualified and passionate about helping you learn to speak Chinese.


We tailor our programs to suit you

To make sure you get the most out of your investment and time, we fit our timetable around your busy work schedule.


We guarantee results

We guarantee that after completing your program, you will be able to conduct basic conversations in Mandarin Chinese*. If you are not able to do so, we will offer you a second course at no extra charge.


We guarantee you’ll see progress

After your third Chinese lesson, you will be able to greet Chinese people in their language, use everyday pleasantries to build rapport, introduce yourself and others and address Chinese people appropriately.


Our homework doesn’t take hours

All our programs are accompanied by a training manual and CD – to help you remember what has been taught in class.


* Provided you have attended all classes and completed all set homework.