Bridge the cultural gap

Whether you are already conducting business in China or looking to expand there, success hinges on one thing more than anything else – overcoming cultural differences.

China is Australia’s biggest trading partner and represents huge opportunity for growth. But Chinese business customs are very different from our own.

It’s not just a language thing. The Chinese place a huge emphasis on relationship building and trust. To establish that, you need to understand Chinese culture too.

Learning with China Speaks

Because we’re one of the only companies to teach Mandarin and Chinese Business culture together, we can help you:

  • enjoy conducting business in China – by improving both your small talk and your business language
  • close deals successfully – with essential and practical Chinese negotiation phrases
  • do the right thing in all circumstances – with a fundamental knowledge of Chinese business customs, protocol and etiquette
  • Improve relations between offices – by equipping your staff in Australia with the basic tools to interact with their Chinese counterparts.

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